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Our utmost priority is the friendly and affectionate handling of your dogs. We value a careful and patient approach to our work.

In order to help your dogs experience a fun and a stress-free as possible environment, we strictly avoid anything that might unsettle your dogs. In all of our practices we make sure to never restrain your dog and only give the best possible treatment.


We take pride in the hygenic standards we set by using new fresh towels for every dog as well as a clean environment with sterile appliances.

We believe that only the highest quality products are suited for your dogs. That is why we hand select all care products and pet supplies; to ensure an enduring and healthy fur. Our modern inventory of shampoo and conditioner (mostly organic) is designed for regular and frequent washes. As dog owners we understand that your dogs are family members and live closely, which is why we do everything we can to help your dog be healthy and clean.


You can select from a variety of different hair cuts. Choose among classic cuts and modern styles or we can also accomodate advanced requests and standard cuts (FCI). If your dog likes to get muddy, we have a haircut that‘s easy to clean! We can also help your dog‘s natural features shine with the right haircut.

All haircuts are either trimmed breed-specific or stylishly scissor-cut by hand.

We welcome all breeds, pure and mixed, no matter the size.


Looking forward to your visit,

Mika Bamgartner-Tanaka





1.      Wellness package

Fur check, bathing, blow drying, claw trimming, paw care, genital area, eye – and ear care.

2.      Complete wellness package

Trimming/cutting in accordance with your requests + Fur check, bathing, blow drying, claw trimming, paw care, genital area, eye – and ear care.

3.      Customer specific care services

Whether you already have something in mind for your dogs or you have any special requests we will adapt to suit your and your dog‘s needs!




Two and four legged visitors are of course always welcome to pop by and see everything we have to offer for themselves. It‘s also a great chance for your dogs get familiar with the environment.


Prices can be viewed in store or you can give us a call and ask! Prices vary with breed, size, fur and the amount of effort required.

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